Beat diabetes, reclaim wellness: 'Postdiabetic' launching soon.


Are You Really Hungry or Just Fooling Yourself?

Uncovering the reasons behind your cravings and addressing them at their core is essential in conquering them for good. Find ways to cultivate a relationship with food and give your body the nourishment it needs.

In diabetes, the belief that controlling blood sugar equals freedom persists. Yet, diabetes is lifelong, and hunger often hides emotional triggers. Let’s debunk these myths and nourish them wisely.

Develop a healthier relationship with food by understanding the root causes of cravings and differentiating between various types of hunger.

What You Will Learn

Uncover the reasons behind your food cravings. Realize that simply controlling blood sugar levels may not be the solution.

Recognize the six types of hunger and discover how to distinguish between them to retake charge of your eating patterns.

Explore how emotional triggers play a role in prompting cravings and find ways to address them.

Learn about hunger. How to provide your body with the essential nutrients it craves.

Understand how low blood sugar can impact your cravings and learn management techniques.

Delve into the concept of craving variety and its influence on food choices for a rounded diet.

Acquire advice on overcoming eating habits and developing healthier coping mechanisms.

Differentiate between hunger signals and mere stomach emptiness to prevent overindulgence.

Master strategies for combating food temptations by practicing self-compassion and regulating emotions effectively.

Prepare yourself for a journey towards fostering a connection with food, leading to nutritional empowerment in the future.

Discover how to conquer cravings and nourish your body authentically, empowering yourself.

Post Diabetic - What They Get In The Book

Join the transformative journey of ‘Postdiabetic.’ Dr. Ruben Ruiz and Eric lead a 9-week program, shifting your mindset from food foe to ally. Decode cravings, understand type 2 diabetes, and revitalize health with cyclic eating patterns. It’s a revolutionary approach to well-being, not just another diet book.

Dive deep into breaking free from emotional eating and sugar dependency with ‘Postdiabetic.’ Discover insightful strategies, flavorful recipes, and a nurturing environment. Challenge your perceptions, take control, and unlock a vibrant, energetic life.”

About The Authors

An internal medicine specialist, Dr. Ruben Ruiz earned his degree at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine. Known for his approach, he offers care and educates patients on healthcare choices using simple language. Besides his practice, Dr. Ruiz enjoys sampling cuisines, immersing himself in cultural events, spending quality time with family and friends, and being fluent in English and Spanish.

Eric Edmeades is the force behind WILDFIT, a global health coaching company that has positively impacted the lives of more than 15,000 individuals across 130 countries. As a mentor and educator he is praised for his transformative programs. Has been honored with awards like a medal from the Speaker of the Senate for his life-changing work. Eric’s journey, from adversity to triumph, shapes his approach as he strives to inspire others to lead joyful and meaningful lives.

Dr. Ruben Ruiz and Eric Edmeades collaborated on creating the book “Postdiabetic.” Leveraging their backgrounds in medicine and holistic health coaching, they share advice and tactics to assist individuals in conquering the obstacles associated with type 2 diabetes and regaining control of their well-being. Through a fusion of expertise and profound insights their joint effort aims to motivate and support readers as they strive towards health.