Eric’s Books Are Out.

Please leave reviews.

And get free stuff.

Celebrate the release of Eric’s new books, PostDiabetic and The Evolution Gap, by participating in our exciting contest. Share your insights, creativity, and support from March 26th to June 30th and stand a chance to win amazing prizes while contributing to a community of like-minded individuals.

What's in it for you?

The Grand Prize (total value $31,000):
The Grand Prize winner will be selected randomly from the various entries and activities as defined below.
So, for as little as an Amazon book review you might just win $26,000 worth of prizes!

Visit the Hadzabe people with Eric: $15,000

VIP Photoshoot in Africa with Kersti Niglas $5000

$1000 in cash for your trip.

1 Hour Breakthrough Coaching Session with Eric. $5,000

Other Prizes (Randomly drawn throughout the contest window).

How to Participate?

No purchase is necessary.
To enter the contest, there are three simple steps:
1. Register for the Contest at www.Eric.ee/bookcontest

2. Submit an Amazon review for each of Eric’s books (links below).

  • Write an Amazon Review for The Evolution Gap:
    click here
  • Write an Amazon Review for Post Diabetic: click here


(Note: If you need help writing your review, please see (below) a guide to writing a review and a ChatGPT prompt you can use for each book.)

3. Submit the URL or screenshot of your review at www.Eric.ee/submissions

Then, if you want to increase your chances of winning (and to win some of the other prizes) then you can do the following things, each one increasing your number of entries in the grand prize:


  • Share social media posts about the books, using #PostdiabeticIsPossible, and #TheEvolutionGap. (1 entry for each post.)
  • Write longer form articles on platforms like Medium or LinkedIn. (5 entries for each post).
  • Post Pictures of you with the books (10 entries per post)
  • Post blog articles discussing the books. (20 entries per post).
  • Post your top five book recommendations and include Eric’s books. (10 Entries per post)
  • Make a video discussing a book or aspects of the books (100 entries per video)
  • Find creative ways to get the books seen in the world. (Bonus Entries).

* Any posts that go ‘viral’ and get special attention will earn extra entries and opportunities.



Please join Eric’s Book Club (Facebook Group) where you will get updated about book promotions, special offers, campaign updates, leaderboards, prizes and more.

Email people on the list about random winners and amazing posts we see – levels to keep engagement up Ie:  someone posted this…go comment for extra points

Contest Rules

The contest period will start on April 15 and run through June 30, 2024:

  • Quality matters: Each entry will be reviewed for its quality, with no minimum length for submissions but avoid any spammy posts or entries.
  • Be creative, be authentic, and most importantly, have fun sharing your experiences and thoughts on Eric’s transformative books.
  • No Spam. Simply posting and reposting the same things is not permitted.

Links to the Books on Amazon

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