Eric Edmeades on Becoming Post Diabetic: A New Hope for Millions

Eric Edmeades and Dr. Ruben Ruiz have written a new book called “Postdiabetic.” It’s a game-changer for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. The book teaches how to switch from using sugar for energy to using fat, which is a healthier way to live. It talks about the importance of knowing what we eat, when we eat, and why we eat it.

“Postdiabetic” says that getting diabetes isn’t just about personal choices. It also points out how big food companies and medicine makers can make the problem worse. But it also encourages people to take charge of their health to fight back against diabetes.

Besides the book, there’s also a special program called WILDFIT, created by Edmeades and Dr. Ruiz. This program is like having a personal coach for eating right and managing diabetes. It includes group talks and personal learning to help people really understand how to eat better and manage their diabetes.

The book and the WILDFIT program don’t just focus on what to eat. They help people understand their eating habits and how to change them for the better. They teach that eating right for the seasons and understanding our body’s needs can help us take control of our health and avoid diabetes.

Eric Edmeades and Dr. Ruben Ruiz are leading the way in changing how we think about and handle diabetes. Their book, “Postdiabetic,” and the WILDFIT program show that with the right knowledge and support, people can fight diabetes. It’s about making smart choices and changing our lifestyle for a healthier future.

People who know a lot about health, like Jack Canfield and Jim Kwik, think this book is really important. It’s not just for people with diabetes but for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. “Postdiabetic” and the WILDFIT program are more than just about eating right; they’re about starting a movement towards better health for everyone.

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